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Sovereign Boat Club limits the number of members who can enjoy the use of premium new boats worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Go out further. More comfortably. All day. You can now enjoy the lifestyle of premium boat ownership without the maintenance, hassle and worry – at a fraction of the price of ownership.

Serving A Need In the Industry

“The Club’s program is an incredible option for our family. It’s like owning our own boat, but way easier. The cost is similar to other boating programs, but what you get is a whole other level. If you compare their costs versus owning a boat of this caliber, there’s no contest.”

Sovereign Boat Club Member Tom S

“I’ve been a member of a mass-market boat club for over ten years. It was nice for a period of time, but their vessels were mediocre and not suited for my needs. It was also not convenient to wait 1 month out, at minimum, for a boat on the weekend. The Club’s Pursuit DC266 is a premium boat and I can always use the boat when I want it.”

Sovereign Boat Club Member Tim T

Lease the Pursuit P266 from FractionalBoat.com

Tampa Bay Area, FL Pursuit DC266

The Pursuit DC266 is one of the best dual console boats in class. She’s versatile and is outfitted for fishing, cruising, entertaining, and watersports. The boat’s equipped with twin 200-hp Yamahas, joystick, electric-flush head, cruising canvas, fore and aft awnings and full Garmin electronics.

MSRP: $240,000+

49 MPH
Top Speed

292 SM
Best Cruise

21 Degrees

Edgewater 370CC Lease

West Palm Beach, FL Area Edgewater 370CC

This Edgewater 370CC is one of the best center consoles in class. She’s versatile and is outfitted for fishing, cruising, entertaining, and waterspouts. This boat is equipped with a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer, triple Yamaha 300-hp engines, joystick, bow thruster, electric-flush head, special fish-finding electronics and more.

MSRP: $750,000+

55 MPH
Top Speed

289 SM
Best Cruise

16 Person

Current and Future Locations

Tampa Bay Area, Florida

West Palm Beach Area, Florida

Sarasota Area, Florida

Florida is undoubtedly the best year-round boat location in the country. In addition to the locations above, the Sovereign Boat Club is planning stations in Ft. Meyers, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Coast and Naples in 2021. In 2022, we are planning on opening in Jacksonville, Port St. Lucie, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Mobile, Pensacola, and Key Largo.

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Club Membership

Enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassle. Only large, well equipped boats are used, and are available for full-day use. All members receive our free boating education and boat orientation. All boats have joysticks, electric flush heads, and full electronics.

Fishing from boat with dog

Add Your Boat

Owners of new boats who would like to receive income when not using their boat can join the club and share access. Owners may even receive a tax deduction. The club handles all marketing, management and maintenance. We clean the boat and let you enjoy it.

Fishing off of a Boston Whaler Boat
Dealers Are Invited

Dealers looking for ways to help boat buyers that are unable to afford a new boat, are encouraged to become an affiliate of the Club. By signing up boats in our program, club income accrues to help owners defray operating and carrying costs.

Sovereign Boat Club