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Today, boating is a luxury that few people can afford because of the high cost and limited leisure time. Sovereign Boat Club’s members enjoy use of premium new boats costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a yacht club where you actually have a yacht to use! You can now enjoy the lifestyle of boat ownership without the cost, maintenance, hassle and worry – at a fraction of the price of ownership.

A Prestigious and Exclusive Club

Ironically, and sadly, these days most members of yacht clubs can no longer afford a boat. The high cost of new boats, and the rising cost of limited marina space has put the boat-owning dream out of the reach of all but a well-healed few. Sovereign Boat Club offers the very best boats – and the most expensive -- in each class to its members so that they can enjoy the very best the sport has to offer at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Generally, annual fees amount to about 3% of the ownership cost for boats running from $240,000 to $750,000, plus annual operating expenses over four years.

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A Big Step Up from Mass-Market Clubs with Small Boats

Mass-market boat clubs are a wonderful means of shared access and have gotten tens of thousands of people into the sport, including many young families on their first boat. Typically, these boat clubs offer small, inexpensive vessels that cost from $30,000 to $50,000, designed primarily for protected water. Generally, they have a single engine, no head or joystick and are only available half-days on weekends. Their advantage is low-cost access, which sometimes makes booking difficult.

Better Than A Used Boat

Many boaters looking for an affordable boat, buy a used boat, hoping to enjoy the boating lifestyle for less money. Trouble is, used boats often come with baggage: a worn-out engine, gremlins in the electrical system, rotting hoses and unseen problems. Typically, they don’t have the latest electronics, and modern equipment, rarely a joystick, or a working head and almost never a gyro stabilizer. There’s nothing like a new boat!

Enjoy The Boating Lifestyle

Pursuit DC266 Lease Available
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  • Premium boats only
  • Electric flush toilets
  • Free boating education
  • Full day usage
  • Limited membership
  • Reciprocal privileges
  • Easy Online reservations
  • Premium marina locations
  • Staff clean-up after use
  • All boats sanitized
  • No onerous credit checks
  • Travel offshore up to 100 miles
  • Overnight cruising is allowed
  • Weekly usage available
  • Full electronics on each boat
  • Less costly than owning
  • No debt, no depreciation

Here’s How Our Program works

  1. Every member must take Sovereign Yacht Club’s safe boating course and receive hands-on boat use orientation. All family members over 18 are eligible as operators after taking the course.
  2. Once certified, and fees are paid, members may reserve the boat online through our reservation service.
  3. Fixed monthly dues cover all expenses except fuel and ice.
  4. Reserve the days you want the boat online. Some rules apply.
  5. Our boats are intended for member operation, but if a captain is wanted, the Club will supply one for an extra fee.
  6. Once you’re done for the day, step off the boat, we clean and sanitize the boat for the next member.
  7. Members are first in line for renewal for subsequent years, as there are a limited number of members for each boat.
  8. Enjoy your time on the water in a premium boat.
Club Memberships are Limited

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